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“Water Well Drilling – We Find Water Where No One Else Does .”

“We arrived on a property where five or six wells had already been drilled to a combined depth of 2,500 to 3,500 ft.
All of them were dry or nearly dry—completely unusable.

Colleen Roberts told us where to drill, and within 120 ft, we were getting 15 gallons per minute!

It was unbelievable!

I’ve been working with Colleen for several years, and that’s not the only time it’s happened.
We go to quite a few properties with dry wells, and the results are always the same when drilling on her sites.”

– Derek McGladdery,
 BC Well Driller

What You Need to Know About Water Well Drilling with Colleen Roberts

Those Two Dreaded Words...
"Dry Well"

Groundwater provides drinking water for more than one-quarter of British Columbia residents, accounting for approximately 9% of the Province’s total water consumption. (1)

But if you’re not on municipal water, “dry well” may well be the two most dreaded words you’ll ever hear as a property owner. With thousands—or tens of thousands—of dollars spent drilling wells at $85/ft or more, failure to find water can put your family and livelihood at risk and decimate your property value.

“We drilled wells at three locations on our Parksville property at the cost of $33,896.76. (This would have been half of what the current 2022 costs are.) The first well was dry, and the second and third wells—which are the source of our potable water—were only good for 0.5 and 1.0 gallons per minute (GPM), respectively. After our irrigation wells dried up, we drilled the fourth well at the cost of $7,381.50, but it was also dry.

A friend in the real estate world, Richard Goldney, recommended that we contact Colleen Roberts.

Colleen came over from the mainland and walked our entire property with her dowsing tool, before concentrating on 2 specific locations.

I was with Colleen and watched the water well dowsing being done and was amazed by both her procedure and the results.

Looking back, I wish that we had found Colleen back when we were building our home.

Aside from the thousands of dollars that would have been saved, I truly believe that we would have only 2 wells on our property, one for our home and one for our irrigation needs.”

Unfortunately, drilling for days and coming up dry is a genuine risk when drilling for water in British Columbia. Doing so may cost up to $50,000—or more—and leave you with nothing but a large well drilling cost invoice!

When you combine water well drillers in it sometimes just for the money, random water well drilling, and trusting property owners, drilling for water can be an expensive business. But it doesn’t have to be!

"Colleen Roberts seemed to good to be true"

“My husband had passed, and I wanted to sell my ranch, but I was desperate to find water since the spring which had been running my whole life dried up. I had a lot of anxiety wondering how I could sell my property with two homes and no water.

My son-in-law found Colleen Roberts online. She reassured me if there was water, she would find it. I was skeptical at first.

Colleen Roberts seemed too good to be true. BUT SHE WAS TRUE!

The well driller positioned precisely on Colleen’s stake and found me 15 gallons a minute at 90 feet. The driller said he could not remember the last time or if he had ever drilled a dry hole on one of Colleen’s stakes!”

— Evelyn Bedard, Bedard Ranch, Hefley Creek, BC

“I’ve heard story after story of people spending thousands of dollars for water well drilling — some most of their savings trying to find water on their properties.”


Answer: When it comes to water well drilling you won’t know the final price until you hit water—or come up dry!

Drilling a water well in 2022 may cost upwards of $85 to $100 per cased foot, so if you’re going to drill, you need to know where to drill before a well driller arrives on site! The cost to drill for water varies depending on the location, depth, and typical costs associated with drilling a well.

 Some well drillers have a fixed minimum price for the first 100 feet, with a price per foot for anything beyond that. If you’re in a remote or difficult to reach area, additional costs may apply.

Additional Water Well Drilling Costs

There will be other water well drilling costs for well construction items, there is the annular seal, drive shoe, well cap, well liner if required, maybe a stainless steel screen, and any time spent on water well development (Note: if you don’t understand all the terminology, you’re not missing anything). Well drilling costs vary depending on how the well is constructed, but the cost to drill a well  should be itemized in the estimate provided. 

Drilling a productive water well also means having a trench dug for the power and waterline along with investing in a water pump and pressure system sized according to the well’s depth and flow.  Colleen Roberts is able to provide a detailed well drilling cost estimate along with a submersible well pump installation.  Estimates for the cost to drill a well are best requested online.  Complete the well drilling cost estimate request form and you’ll hear from Colleen’s office shortly.

Drilling for water is a long-term investment, so don’t drill until you know where you are most likely to find water on your property!

colleen Robert's
water well drilling Clients...

How does a well driller find water?

General logic states you’re more likely to find water in a valley than on a peak—or next to a river rather than further up the catchment area—but that’s not always the case. Groundwater isn’t necessarily where you’d expect it to be found. It doesn’t always correlate with the type of soil or rock formations found on the surface.

Note: Groundwater is water naturally occurring below the surface of the ground. 

Since you can’t see what’s underground, you don’t always know what’s there and what isn’t. Water can sometimes be found at high elevations where underground streams—following the folds of mountains when they were first formed—surface as springs on hill and mountain tops, while wells drilled alongside running rivers may be dry.

How does a well driller find water?

“We’ve heard many stories of dry wells drilled on local properties, and the property owner still pays a huge bill! There doesn’t seem to be any real pattern for wells; some are 500 ft deep, others are 100 ft; some have a really high water output, and it seems they’ll never dry out, while others drain so quickly your pump could get damaged if it runs dry.”

Different Ways to Find Water for Drilling Water Wells

While geologists may use available data and experience to identify the general area where water may be found, it’s still a hit and miss when it comes to drilling.

With water well drilling potentially costing tens of thousands because of the unknowns, some water well drillers may use different ways to help find groundwater prior to drill a well.

Water Well Drilling - What are Water Surveys?

Aquifers exist throughout British Columbia wherever saturated rock or sediment in which groundwater can readily move is present. The BC Government maintains a Groundwater Wells and Aquifers database allowing well drillers to find groundwater and water levels based on data collected from observation wells throughout the Province using an interactive map.

However, just because the database says groundwater exists under your property doesn’t necessarily mean you can drill anywhere you choose and hit water within 100 feet of the surface. Sure, the water may be there, but underground water sources are often few and far between, typically flowing in different directions through fractured bedrock up to several hundred feet deep.

While geologists may use available data and experience to identify the general area where water may be found, it’s still a hit and miss when it comes to water well drilling.

“I contacted a local water well drilling company. They came to the property, and—without even getting out of the truck—the guy said it was going to be easy. He told us to mark wherever we wanted the wells, and he would drill until we found water. At $85 a drilled foot with and with no guarantee of finding water, it wasn’t an option I liked.”

Water Well Drilling - What is Seismoelectric (Seismic) Technology?

Seismoelectric technologies send a seismic pulse—or sound wave—into the ground at multiple, predetermined locations— or sounding sites—within a designated area. If water exists, the seismic pulse moves through it, disturbing the natural ions and emitting an electrical signal the equipment detects and translates into data. Using a comparative analysis of data collected at each sounding site, surveyors claim to be able to predict the depth at which water may be found and its potential yield, providing an estimate of costs.

Despite one website claiming that “seismic technology is based on scientific principles” and “consistently provides accurate well water drilling results,” the process is extremely complicated and still doesn’t guarantee water!

“I was ready to pay the price, but seismic water detection only works with some types of soil. There can’t be any gravel on the ground, and sometimes large, buried boulders produce misleading information. Ninety percent of the property needs to be accessible by vehicle; the ground must have the right amount of moisture—not too much, not too little. And they don’t take any responsibility if we drill a dry well!”

“We’d been hauling water for many years, so we hired a seismic water finding firm out of Calgary. They assessed six sites on the property. None were very promising, and it still cost us about $7,000. We drilled three wells with three different well drillers to depths of around 700 feet each, costing us to the tune of approximately $60,000 and that was not at the current 2022 well drilling costs. And guess what? They were all dry!”

How is Hydrofracturing Used for Water Well Drilling?

Hydrofracturing involves injecting high-pressure water via the well into the bedrock formation immediately surrounding it, hydrofracturing aims to widen and extend existing fractures in the bedrock, thereby enlarging the network of water-bearing fractures supplying the water well. Initially developed for the oil and gas industry, proponents claim hydrofracturing eliminates the expense of drilling new wells by cost-effectively increasing the yield of existing wells.

Hydrofracturing is complex, potentially dangerous, and expensive. Only well-drilling contractors who specialize in this technique and have the proper equipment—such as borehole cameras for locating fractures within the bedrock—should be considered. Reputable professionals should be able to provide some indication of the likely results given the local geological setting.

However, remember that increased well yield immediately after hydrofracturing is not an accurate measure of success due to the volume of water injected into the well. Yield tests should only be done once conditions have returned to equilibrium, which may take days or even weeks. Moreover, the usefulness of proppants—small beads jammed into open cracks in the rock to increase yield—to sustain water output following well stimulation is currently unknown due to a lack of data.

There’s got to be a simpler way!

"Colleen Roberts has been involved with the drilling of thousands of wells over a 30-year span and has not hydro-fracked a single well, her theory is really simple "drill where there is water" and the costly process of hydrofracturing water wells should never be required, in fact Colleen does not even know what a fracking machine looks like, she has never seen one!" She literally seems to read the land somehow... then she explains what she sees.

“Colleen Roberts identified a spot to drill for water, but we were a bit skeptical since the spot was pretty much right on top of our power and water lines to one of our dry wells! She asked us to move them as they were in the way for drilling a new well.

We drilled on the very spot she pinned and were incredibly happy to get 25 GPM at about 200 feet! Not only that but she located this water just a few feet from a 500' dry hole that we had previously drilled and paid full price for. After all that we had been through hauling water for many years as we kept searching for water on our land. All the wasted money with one failed drilling attempt after another, using other dowsers too. Then finally finding Colleen, it's been a life changing experience for us.

Never drill for water without Colleen Roberts, that's all I can say! We have been told that she is considered to be the best in the world at what she does, I would not be surprised if she is.

Hight sought after Canadian Water Witch Colleen Roberts

Skeptics may argue that as long as you drill deep enough, you’re sure to find water sooner or later. However, in this study, dowsers were also asked to estimate the depth and yield of water in the well to be dug. The dowsers’ predictions proved to be accurate to within 10—20%.

“As a certified BC well driller, I’ve typically been skeptical about water dowsing for a few reasons. First, I consider myself a pragmatic person; if you can’t show me the science behind how it works, I’m going to assume it doesn’t. Secondly, I’ve had some pretty dismal experience working with other dowsers in the past, and lastly, most of the dowsers I’ve met are what I consider to be a bit on the eccentric side.”

Water well drilling & water dowsing

Water Well Drilling with a Water Dowser

Groundwater is found in the cracks and spaces in rock, sand, and soil. As it moves slowly through these geologic formations, the trace amounts of energy released can be detected by professional water dowsers. The more sensitive the dowser’s physiological makeup, the better they are at finding water instead of dry wells.

No one knows precisely why dowsing works—or why some dowsers are better at it than others. Many people dismiss dowsing as unscientific, ignoring these three inconveniently significant facts:

  • it works
  • it’s replicable
  • it’s independently verifiable

During a 10-year study conducted by the German government in the 1990s, researchers paired experienced geologists with dowsers, sending them to find water in dry regions across Kenya, Sri Lanka, and Yemen. Scientists were amazed to see many of the dowsers correct time and time again. In Sri Lanka, well drillers supervised by dowsers drilled 691 wells and found water 96% of the time.

Why do so Many Property Owners Hire Water Dowsers?

Water Well Drilling is a significant investment running into the thousands of dollars—with unknown results. Understandably, many landowners are hesitant to invest without first obtaining a professional opinion. They want to reduce the risk of drilling a dry well by finding the one way that— with the right dowser—allows them to drill with the confidence of finding water of adequate quantity and quality.

“Not everyone understands water dowsing - water witching or even thinks it valuable or credible. Among my neighbors who have found water without dowsing, even I can see from the lay of the land they probably could have drilled anywhere and found water. That’s great if you have land like that, but if not, I believe you’re taking a gamble, and dry wells are often the result.

Water Witcher Colleen Roberts combines the somewhat mysterious but time-honoured practice of water dowsing, also know as witching a well for water with the science of hydrology, and that combination seems to bring guaranteed results. As our new water well was being drilled, the water well drilling crew told me that in 25 years of working with Colleen, she had never been wrong in where to drill. She has a lot of knowledge and handled our project incredible well

People want to reduce the risk of drilling a dry well
That’s why so many people take the time to search out reputable, expert dowsers with a long, proven track record. They frequently want to drill a successful well close to their house where a drilling rig can easily be set up and where the cost of installing water lines and electrical conduits is much less costly,

It would take a fool to deny Usain Bolt the title of The World’s Fastest Man! The Jamaican legend is the only sprinter—man or woman—to win the gold medals in the 100m and 200m races at three consecutive Olympics. Despite his massive frame (he’s 1.95m tall and weighs 94kg), Bolt launches himself from the blocks with superhuman explosiveness.

What makes Usain Bolt the greatest sprinter of all time? Physiology.

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there are water dowsers... and then there's colleen roberts

What makes Water Dowser Colleen Roberts different?

Despite over 30 years of experience, Colleen hasn’t been studied as Usain Bolt has. Still, her results indicate a highly-sensitive physiological makeup perfectly in tune with her profession as a water dowser also referred to as a Water Witch or Witcher.

Read what her clients and water well drillers have to say about having Colleen dowsing their well for water — and then decide for yourself.

“I’ve been working with Colleen Roberts for several years and have managed to make wells out of at least 95% of the sites she’s dowsed for water. That’s amazing when you consider that Colleen typically gets asked to dowse - water witch properties either in an area commonly known for having very little water or where the property owner has already drilled one or more dry holes on the property. In the past, we would pull up to these problematic properties expecting the worst but hoping for the best. Now we’re drilling significantly fewer dry holes compared to our competitors. My only explanation as to why our success rate is so high in areas notorious for having no water is that we’re setting up on locations that Colleen Roberts has selected!”


“I’ve heard story after story of people spending thousands of dollars for water well drilling—some most of their savings trying to find a well for water on their properties. The ones lucky enough to find Colleen—including me—have found an end to the expense of drilling dry holes.

My husband had passed, and I wanted to sell my ranch, but I was desperate to find water since the spring, which had been running and supply the ranch with water my whole life, dried up. I had a lot of anxiety wondering how I could sell my property with two homes and no water.

My son-in-law found Colleen Roberts the water diviner online. She reassured me if there was water, she would find it.  I was skeptical at first.

Colleen seemed too good to be true.

In comes this beautiful woman who stole our hearts immediately. She knows her stuff, and, as a businesswoman, I have never met someone with the honesty, integrity, and courage that she possesses. She is not afraid to stare down the opponents of dry drilling and, in the process, only uses a couple of faithful drillers to this day.

The water well driller on my property carefully positioned precisely on Colleen’s stake and found me 15 gallons a minute at 90 feet. The driller said he could not remember ever drilling a dry hole on one of her stakes!

There is no doubt in my mind that Colleen genuinely cares about her clients.

Colleen has also become an exceptionally good friend and advocate; I am so grateful.

Thank you, Colleen Roberts!”

~ Evelyn Bedard, Hefley Creek, BC


“After calling every well drilling contractor in the Fraser Valley and throughout the Lower Mainland, not even one local water well drilling company was willing to come and look at our Whonnock property—never mind drill for water because of all the dry wells throughout the area. I gave up, moved to a cistern system, and hauled water for the next three years.

A good friend recommended I chat to Colleen Roberts when she came to quote on his well. After a 10-minute meeting, I agreed for Colleen to drill a well for us. Her team showed as promised, and two days later I had 3 GPM despite none of the surrounding properties producing more than 0.5 GPM.

I would highly recommend Colleen Roberts for water well drilling in Whonnock or the Fraser Valley area and to take any well drilling advice she offers, she really knows how to site a well for water.

We’ve been using our new water well for two years and it’s been a life changer for our family.

Water dowsing with Colleen Roberts to locate our well for water one of the best investments I have ever made!”

~ Danny Gerbrandt, Maple Ridge, BC


“I have heard stories of dowsing or water witching services, and when you hear these stories, it does not matter how skeptical you are.  It’s a great feeling to think that dowsing could be much more guaranteed and easier.  So I contacted the professional water well dowser Colleen Roberts.  My first impression was a bit of a relief; she answered the phone right away and immediately looked for ways to save us money.  Colleen puts in an extra effort that no other company did.  She studies the land even before visiting and has tremendous knowledge.

When Colleen walked our property with her dowsing rods, I quickly felt a lot of respect for her—seeing how dedicated she is to her work.  I could perceive her connection to the land, the place, letting the energy of the water talk to her.  It even felt as if she were stepping out of her body as we just stood back and watched this water witch woman work.

Colleen marked eight exact locations to drill wells for water—one for each proposed lot for subdivision with her famous water dowsing stakes.  We were still skeptical as the previous owner had already a drilled several dry wells.  Most water wells around our Darcy subdivision site have been drilled very deep, and I was scared I would burn all my money in drilling deep wells.

But the well drilling results were the complete opposite!  Between 120 and 160 feet in depth, all the wells were catalogued as super wells producing, on average, 40 GPM of clean water.  We are nearing the final stages of the development, which may not have been possible had we not hired the water dowser Colleen Roberts and her drilling team, who also had the utmost respect for our land.

I think that anyone who has ever drilled a well with Colleen Roberts would agree that drilling for water without her is not an option.”

~ Sebastian Delarosa, Darcy, BC


“We first met Colleen Roberts in mid-2019 when we were researching a new well for water for our Coquitlam property. Our existing well would tend to go dry in September each year (as other neighbours wells did as well). Colleen dowsed our property with her dowsing rod and located a convergence of underwater streams that she felt would provide great well for water. She also researched other wells in our area to ensure we were not close to other existing water wells or septic fields. Colleen’s recommendation was to wait until September to drill since that’s when the water table is lowest in our area and she would decide then if the site was viable. Colleen wanted to ensure we had water throughout the year since she felt we wouldn’t be drilling very deep.

The drilling for water happened at the end of the following year August 2020. What an exciting day! Clear water was drilled at forty feet and lots of it!  Colleen’s well drilling crew was great, and Colleen was onsite at the end of the day to see our finished well. Colleen referred us to her well pump installation team to connect the new water well to the house and an outbuilding at the property’s rear. Bryan prepped everything and was another excellent member of Colleen’s team.

We were then in a holding pattern while our new septic field was installed before connecting the new well to our house. A few weeks later—after tremendous rain—our capped well began overflowing. Colleen had located so much water it needed to be controlled! Colleen was right on it and arranged to install a well control mechanism to stop the water from overflowing the wellhead.

Finally, the well was connected to our house. Within a few days, we realized we had a problem with the hot water—it was yellow. Washing white clothes in hot water wasn’t an option as the clothes turned yellow. On Colleen’s recommendation, we sent water samples to the lab for water testing of toxins, lead, coliform, etc. The iron level didn’t appear high enough to be a problem, but Colleen recommended an iron removal system to deal with the excess iron, patiently explaining the chemistry of well water to help us understand how to improve our water quality—no matter what the issue might be.

We are so grateful we made the right choice in Colleen Roberts. She has been with us every step of the way: responsive to queries within a few hours, willing to share her knowledge and advice, and resolving any issue that arose.”

~ Sharon and Bill Phillips, Coquitlam, BC


“Our family is delighted with the total experience of working with Colleen Roberts. We found her knowledgeable and professional. Colleen combines the somewhat mysterious but time-honoured practice of dowsing with the science of hydrology, and that combination brings guaranteed results. As our new water well was being drilled, the drilling crew told me that in the many years of working with Colleen, she had never been wrong in where to drill.

Colleen is very specific when she chooses a drilling site. She decided where to drill our new well and had us prepare the area so the drilling rig could access the site. the well driller—completed the well at 250 ft, and we have a LOT of exceptionally clean potable water.

Since living on our Mission property for three years, we have met many of our neighbours, and water wells are often the topics of conversation. Not everyone understands water dowsing or thinks it useful or credible. Among my neighbors who have found water without dowsing, even I can see from the lay of the land they probably could have drilled anywhere and found water. That’s great if you have land like that, but if not, I believe you’re taking a gamble, and dry wells are often the result.

Our Mission property had three water wells when we purchased it. The deep drilled well on the property produced only the slightest trickle of undrinkable water. One of the other two shallow dug wells was completely dry, and the other produced an adequate amount of water only seasonably. Without Colleen’s professional experience, we could have drilled another dry well on our land, which we couldn’t afford.

Would we recommend Colleen’s Roberts dowsing and well drilling services to others? Yes, we would and have done so.”

~ Jim Bird, Mission, BC


I’ve been drilling for water for 50 years and this just drove me crazy, dowsing works! I’m a Well Driller – Dowser, although not a pro like Colleen Roberts, I don’t do bad in the business of drilling good wells and finding water. I’m not there to just drill holes. Most well drillers around me hydro-fracture 20 to 40 wells a year. Me only 2 to 3 a year, that’s it!

Colleen the famous Canadian water dowser says, “if you drill where the water is you will not need to frack a well most of the time.”  She’s smart and 100% correct, this is also my opinion after 50 years of water well drilling.

I recently read a magazine article written about Colleen’s lifetime of work, they asked her how she feels about fracking water wells, her response was incredible.  She said that after almost 30 years of dowsing and contracting with good water well drillers she still has no idea what a frack machine looks like, she has never used one and didn’t expect to any time in the future.  No wonder she turns the water well drilling industry upside down in Canada

Do your homework everyone, find a reputable water well dowser like Colleen Roberts before you drill a well, she can literally save you a fortune and even preserve or increase the value of your land!

~ Veteran Well Driller, Maine, USA


When drilling a well in Clinton, BC we had a wonderful experience with our water dowser Colleen Roberts.

Colleen drove to Clinton and not only found us plenty of terrific water, but when dowsing for our water well Colleen ensured us that both of our neighbors water wells would not be compromised by our new water well.

She cared for our neighbors as much as she did for us. We were pleased she took time to confirm that our neighbors were safe when we drilled a well on our new property in Clinton as we had never drilled a well before.

If you are drilling a water well in the Cariboo of British Columbia we would have no hesitation recommending Colleen Robert’s well dowsing service to new customers.

Thank-you Colleen, we appreciate you!

~ Marnie & Bernie Nieuwenhuis, Clinton, BC, Canada


“Living on acreage in the Cowichan Valley on Vancouver Island and loving gardening is wonderful until you irrigate yourself right out of water and end up with a dry water well in the middle of summer.

Our ten-year-old water well had given up the ghost and we were at a loss at how to go about finding the best well drilling company in Duncan on Vancouver Island to do the job of drilling us a new water well, we knew that well drilling is costly, but we could no longer put it off.

Luckily, our good friends had just had some water well work done by Colleen Roberts and were extremely pleased with the job and service.

They gave us Colleen Robert contact information, Colleen we learned is a famous water finder expert who has operated throughout British Columbia for many years.

It was a Saturday afternoon and I just called to leave a message thinking no one would respond until Monday. Within two hours Colleen was on the other end of the line extremely concerned that we were in trouble with no water.

I explained we had just had a truck deliver water and were alright for the time being. Nothing would do, she said would be over Sunday night around 8:30pm.

After having a brief conversation about the property and our old dry well she immediately began her water dowsing to find us a new source of water so we could drill a water well as it was hot, and our gardens were drying out fast.

Approximately one hour later Colleen was ready to pound in her drilling stake into the ground to mark the exact spot that the well drillers would put their drill bit to drill a well.

By Monday morning at 10:30 am the water well drilling rig was on our Cowichan Valley property and ready to drill with Colleen on-site to make sure the point of the drill was exactly where she wanted it, she has no tolerance for errors.

By late Monday afternoon the drillers were down about 200 feet with no sign of water, so the drillers packed it in for the day. The next morning the well drillers wanted to hydro-fracture the well, but Colleen said, “absolutely not, you’re not fracking anything, we don’t frack my holes”, she does not back down and certainly knows how to manage well drillers, what she says is the way it’s going to go at least it was on our property.

She does not like hydro-fracturing and says it’s a waste of money and not required when you drill where the water is, she gives you that big smile of hers and says, “what part of that is confusing?”

We have since learned that many water wells on Vancouver Island are not only drilled dry but often hydro-fractured costing an additional three thousand dollars or maybe more.

Colleen is incredibly protective of her clients who like us know very little about water well drilling, we had no idea. She’s also a remarkably confident woman who knows the entire industry extremely well, she has drilled thousands of wells we gathered.

We were also hoping for at least some water for our dry land but must admit we were so nervous but, not Colleen, she just knows and never wavers, always smiling and keeping us calm.

Finally, Tuesday around mid-morning, suddenly there was a huge gush of water.

We had hit the jackpot!!  We could not believe that we had 30-gallons-per-minute of beautiful, clear, odor free water almost right outside our-front door! This was an incredible day for my husband Jim and myself.

Not only did Colleen find us water, but she has also become a treasured friend who cares so much about people, I would say she is the most kind and selfless person I have ever met.

Her follow-up was superb even six years later she is still an extremely dedicated water well expert who always goes the extra mile for people to make sure they have the best quality water possible.

We just love Colleen and feel really blessed to have met her.

Thank-you Colleen for everything you have done for us over the years!”

~ Jim and Laura Harper
Cowichan Valley, Vancouver Island


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