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The Rural Property Advisor

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How does lead enter drinking water
Water Testing
Colleen Roberts

FAQ: Lead in Drinking Water Guidelines for BC

Lead (Pb) is a naturally occurring toxic metal found in water, soil, and air. Lead is a neurotoxin, a carcinogen, and a heavy metal that bioaccumulates in the body Lead enters drinking water primarily through the corrosion of plumbing material. Exposure to lead may cause health issues ranging from stomach disorders to possible brain damage. ­

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Water Well Worx

Water Well Drilling in Mission

Our Water Well Drilling Experience in Mission with Colleen Roberts Our Mission property had three water wells when we purchased it… We had a great experience drilling for water on

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Labworx Water Testing

British Columbia Water Testing made easy with the Labworx Water Test Kits. A new type of water testing service mixed with an old-type of analytical laboratory.  Labworx is water testing of the future!

Local water test kits are available online, we have removed the hassle of independent water testing.

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BC Water Well’s network of qualified industry Inspection Services including Home Inspection, Water Well Inspection, Septic Inspection, Roof Inspection, Electrical Inspection, Storm Water Inspection, Mold Inspection, and orher local inspection services.

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BC Water Well’s extensive local network of industry specific Engineers & Consultants such as Hydrogeological Investigations, BC Water Well Licensing, Geotechnical, Wastewater Disposal, Onsite Wastewater & Septic Design, Environmental…