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Rural Area & Country Living Advisor

Searching online for “Land for Sale Near Me” recently?  There’s much to love about living in a rural area and country living… But there’s also plenty to consider when purchasing local land for sale for investment, your forever home, or a beautiful farm with land.

Local Septic Services
Septic System Services

Water Well Worx offers a broad scope of septic services from septic tanks, septic tank pumping, septic tank cleaning, septic inspections, septic pumps, septic installers, septic tank plumbing, septic drain fields, septic design.

Local Water Testing Kits
Water Testing Kits

Ensure that your water is safe to drink.  Labworx simplifies water testing and provides water test kits that cover heavy metals, disease causing microbiology, lead & arsenic and  more.  Labworx provides water test kits for private water wells. 

Local Water Well Drilling Services
Water Well Services

Water Well Worx is experienced in the water well industry.  Whether you will need a well drilling cost estimate, well pump installation or a home water treatment system you will find the perfect experts to help with you water well projects!

Rural Property Experts
Rural Experts & Services

Special knowledge pertaining to land or rural properties.  Surveyors, Appraisers, Insurance, Real Estate, Lawyers, Contractors, Renovators, Agriculture, Tree Services, Drone Services, Real Estate Photography, Fencing Contractors, Rural Internet Providers…

Local Inspection Services
Inspection Services

Water Well Worx network of qualified industry Inspection Services including Home Inspection, Water Well Inspection, Septic Inspection, Roof Inspection, Electrical Inspection, Storm Water Inspection, Mold Inspection, and other local inspection services.

Local Engineers & Consultants for Rural Properties
Engineers & Consultants

Water Well Worx extensive local network of industry specific Engineers & Consultants such as Hydrogeological Investigations, BC Water Well Licensing, Geotechnical, Wastewater Disposal, Onsite Wastewater & Septic Design, Environmental…

Buying or Selling
Real Estate with a
Water Well?

Everything you really need to KNOW before making an offer on land for sale with a water well

Test Lead in Water Guide for USA

How to Test Lead in Water 2022 Guide

The Lead and Copper Rule in the USA is designed to protect human health by minimizing exposure to lead and copper in drinking water. In order to meet the new standards, utilities, treatment plants, and schools will need to make significant changes. But what does that mean for your household?

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Test for Lead in Drinking Water in British Columbia

Lead in Drinking Water Guidelines for British Columbia FAQ

Lead (Pb) is a naturally occurring toxic metal found in water, soil, and air. Lead is a neurotoxin, a carcinogen, and a heavy metal that bio-accumulates in the body. Lead enters drinking water primarily through the corrosion of plumbing material. Exposure to lead may cause health issues ranging from stomach disorders to possible brain damage. ­

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Water Testing

Water Testing made easy with the Labworx Water Test Kits. A new type of water testing service mixed with an old-type of analytical laboratory.  Labworx is water testing of the future!

Local water test kits are available online, we have removed the hassle of independent water testing.

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