Water Well Drilling in Mission

By Water Well Worx •  Updated: 02/26/21 •  2 min read

Our Water Well Drilling Experience in Mission with Colleen Roberts

Our Mission property had three water wells when we purchased it...

We had a great experience drilling for water on our property in Mission, BC! 

“Our family is very satisfied with the total experience of working with Colleen Roberts. We found Colleen knowledgeable and professional.  She combines the somewhat mysterious but time-honoured practice of Dowsing with the science of hydrology and that combination brings guaranteed results.

As our new water well was being drilled I spoke with the drilling crew who told me that in 25 years of working with Colleen she had never been wrong in where to drill.

Colleen is very specific when she chooses a well drilling site, she decided where we would drill our new well and had us prepare the area so the drilling rig could access the site.  Doug the well driller completed the well at 250′, we have a LOT of very clean potable water.

Since living on our Mission property for three years we have met many neighbours.  Water wells are often the topic of conversation.  Not everyone understands water dowsing or thinks that dowsing is useful or is credible.  Not that I have any experience but for those who have wells without dowsing even I can see that due to the lay of the land (springs in abundance etc) that maybe a well could be drilled anywhere and you might get some sort of water.  This is great if you have land like that but I really consider that you are gambling and dry wells are often the result.

Our Mission property had three water wells when we purchased it.  The deep drilled well on the property produced only the slightest trickle of undrinkable water.  One of the other two shallow dug wells was completely dry and the other produced an adequate amount of water only seasonably. Without Colleen’s  professional experience we could have drilled another dry well on our land which we couldn’t afford.  

Would we recommend Colleen’s Roberts dowsing and well drilling services to others?  Yes, we would and have done so.”

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