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Maple Ridge Well Drilling Cost – Online Estimates

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Local water well drilling resource and guidelines for the cost of well drilling in Maple Ridge

2023 Maple Ridge Well Drilling Cost

Introduction to Water Wells in Maple Ridge & Whonnock:

Understanding well drilling costs is essential for Maple Ridge landowners considering a well water installation on their property.

As a Maple Ridge rural property owner, one of the essential resources you may need to invest in is a drilled water well. Having a reliable water source can significantly improve your quality of life and the market value of your property. It’s especially critical if you live in a rural area with a limited public water supply.

This comprehensive guide explores various aspects of water well drilling, including its definition, types of wells, and benefits. We’ll also explore the details affecting the Maple Ridge Well Drilling Cost.

Finally, we include the average price of drilling for water and what you should expect when investing in a water well for your rural Maple Ridge property.

Factors Affecting the Well Drilling Costs 

It’s essential to understand the types of wells available, including the British Columbia well drilling regulations, water license requirements, and cost factors associated with local water well drilling in Maple Ridge.

This section will provide an overview of these aspects to help you make informed decisions when investing in a water well for your property.

Drilling a water well near Lougheed Hwy, Maple Ridge, BC

Types of Water Wells Maple Ridge & Whonnock

Maple Ridge has two main water wells: drilled and shallow-dug wells.

Generally, drilled water wells are created by using specialized well-drilling equipment to bore through soil and rock layers until water is struck.

Water wells range in depth; the completed depth of well water is due to several factors such as groundwater level, geology, aquifer type, seasonal fluctuation, and water quality.

Drilled Water Wells vs. Dug Wells in Maple Ridge

Drilled water wells are a modern type of installation compared to dug wells. Water well drilling rigs can penetrate deep into the ground, allowing access to water sources otherwise difficult to reach.

Dug or shallow wells are common among rural Maple Ridge-Whonnock properties. However, dug wells are very rarely installed anymore compared to drilled wells. Shallow-dug wells are excavated manually or mechanically by digging a hole in the ground. Shallow-dug wells are mostly 15 meters or less in unconsolidated sand or gravel.

Water Wells Do Run Dry in Maple Ridge

Some drilled and shallow-dug water wells can dry in the Maple Ridge and Whonnock areas. Groundwater availability in wells depends on several factors, such as the well’s depth, the area’s geology, the amount of rainfall, and the local water table. Even a 400′ low-producing drilled well can run dry; many factors and variables exist.

Shallow wells may provide a consistent water supply in areas with a high water table. However, in areas where the water table is low or where there is a high demand for water from other wells, shallow wells may be more susceptible to running dry, especially during drought or low rainfall.

Modern Water Wells – Drilled Wells

Drilled water wells are generally more reliable and efficient than dug wells. They reach deeper water sources and can be constructed faster. Additionally, drilled wells typically require less maintenance and are much less susceptible to contamination than shallow-dug wells.

While both types of wells have advantages and disadvantages, drilled wells have become the preferred choice for modern water well installations.

Well Drilling Estimates

Maple Ridge Well Drilling Cost

Discover lasting water solutions in Maple Ridge with our expert water well drilling and reliable well repairs, tailored to meet your needs with peace of mind ensuring your home or business flows with sustainability and efficiency near you!

Unlock the secret to affordable water well drilling – contact us today for a local well drilling cost estimate!

Expert Water Well Drilling: Comprehensive Repairs: Affordable Solutions for Your Water Supply Needd Serving Maple Ridge and Whonnock
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Estimating the Cost to Drill a Well in Maple Ridge

Depth of a Water Well

  • The drilling depth required for a water well will significantly impact its overall cost. Deeper wells typically require more time and resources to drill, translating into higher expenses. The average depth for a residential water well in Maple Ridge ranges from 100-300 feet; however, this can vary depending on local geological conditions and groundwater availability.

How to Get a Well Drilling Cost Estimate Online for Maple Ridge

Contact the local Maple Ridge water well-drilling contractor for an accurate well drilling cost estimate customized to your property and water needs.

The Maple Ridge Well Drilling online estimating system requires basic information about your potential project to provide a detailed estimate. You can request the cost of drilling for water more easily online than by phone. Once we complete the estimation, you will receive the details by email, generally within a couple of days.  

Get a Maple Ridge Well Drilling Cost Estimate

Size of a Water Well

  • The diameter or size of a drilled water well also affects its cost since larger wells require more materials, such as the increased cost of steel casing, liner, and screens installed during construction. For example, residential wells in Maple Ridge are usually 6 inches wide. Still, they could be larger for commercial purposes or high-volume usage.

Well Drilling Location and Accessibility 

  • Geographical location: If your property is in a remote area with challenging terrain, drilling could be more complex and costly
  • Terrain: Difficult terrains such as rocky ground or steep slopes can make drilling more challenging, leading to higher costs. Difficult terrain is not typical when drilling a well in Maple Ridge.
  • Accessibility: Limited access to the drilling site, like narrow roads, obstructions, or remote locations, can also increase mobilization costs.

Average Costs for Drilling a Well in Maple Ridge

Suppose your property requires a 200-foot well. On average, the cost per foot to drill a well in Maple Ridge ranges from $90 to $100. The drilling portion for a 200 ft well would be between 18,000 and $20,000. The drilling cost to drill is based on the completed depth. However, remember that the total cost will depend on other materials and the development time required.

Types of Water Wells Installed in Maple Ridge.  New drilled well installation.

Breakdown of Well Drilling Costs in Maple Ridge

  • Water Well Drilling: This usually accounts for the lion’s share of the expense (60% to 70%). In our example, this could range from $18,000 to $20,000 for a 200-foot well.
  • Steel Well Casing: The above drilling cost example includes 6″ steel casing to support the well’s structure and prevent contamination.
  • PVC Well Liner: A PVC sleeve to protect the bedrock portion of a well (if completed in bedrock). The well liner is installed to protect the bedrock portion of a borehole from bridging or collapse.

    PVC liners should be included in the overall well drilling cost portion, just like the steel casing. The cost of drilling a well in Maple Ridge is a significant investment. Water wells are far too costly not to protect them from possible problems down the road.

    Most well drilling companies in British Columbia automatically install PVC liners in bedrock wells. It’s not worth cutting corners! A well liner should not be an optional add-on when completing a new well. Earthquakes or seismic activity could be a concern in the Fraser Valley. The ground movement caused by earthquakes or other seismic events can damage the well casing or borehole, leading to collapse.

Water Well Construction:

  • Water Well Surface Seal: Used to seal off the annular space between the casing and borehole of a drilled well. Surface seals are mostly composed of bentonite clay. The surface seal prevents contaminants from the surface or shallow subsurface zone from entering the well. Surface seals must be at least 2.54 cm (1 inch) thick. Regulated by the BC Water Sustainability Act – Groundwater Protection Regulations – Water Well Surface Seal.

    The purpose of a surface seal is to prevent contamination from entering the well. Surface water, soil, or other potential pollution sources should never enter a water well. The well seal also helps stabilize the well casing and protect it from shifting or damage over time. The cost of a surface seal depends on the required installation but will typically not exceed 1800.00 in British Columbia.
  • Drilling Equipment Mobilization Cost: Mobilizing the drilling equipment/rig to the drilling site. Mob costs vary depending on distance and location. Still, they are generally less than $1000.00 for most well drilling sites within the Fraser Valley.
  • Stainless Steel Well Screens: Non-bedrock wells usually have a well screen. A single well screen is normally sufficient to complete a domestic water well, but sometimes, we install double screens to increase the water flow. The cost of an installed well screen is generally at most $2400.00.
  • Other Maple Ridge Well Drilling Costs: May include water well development, capping, disinfection, etc.
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Cost to Drill a Well in Maple Ridge

The depth required for your Maple Ridge water well will significantly impact its overall cost. Deeper wells typically require more time and resources to drill, which translates into higher cost. Water well drilling estimates are not a one size fits all, they are detailed and based specifically on a property.

To get an accurate cost to drill in Maple Ridge request an online well drilling estimate.

Expert Water Well Drilling: Comprehensive Repairs: Affordable Drilling Solutions for Your Water Requirements Serving Maple Ridge and Whonnock
Request Local Well Drilling Cost Estimates for Maple Ridge

Average Maple Ridge Well Drilling Cost

Based on an average drilling depth of 200 feet. It would be reasonable to estimate that the 2023 Maple Ridge well drilling cost will roughly average $22,000.00.

Still, the cost to drill will vary from one property to another. For example, suppose you intend to drill a well in Maple Ridge. In that case, requesting a detailed estimate of the estimated cost to drill a well on your property is advised.

My parents have a acreage in Salmon Arm, BC and are trying to find water. They have drilled two holes to 600ft. Both have come up dry. Looking for some help

— April 21, 2023

Is it Possible to Drill a Well in the Maple Ridge – Whonnock Area and Not Get Water?

Yes! Drilling a dry hole is possible; you will still get a full invoice with or without water. Remember, there are no guarantees when drilling for water anywhere in British Columbia. But, you can reduce the likelihood of hitting a dry well on your rural Maple Ridge or Whonnock rural area property.

Drilling a dry well when drilling for water is not only possible but very costly for property owners. That’s why most property owners are apprehensive about random site selection.

A dry well occurs when drilling does not encounter a sustainable water source. Dry hole drilling happens for many reasons, “dry hole” are the two most dreaded words when drilling a well. A dry hole may be because of geological factors, inadequate water-bearing formations, or the insufficient depth of the drilled well. Drilling dry wells can usually be prevented with proper water well siting.

The fact that a property owner abandoned a dry hole on a property does not indicate future success. Rather, it should be a better-chosen location if drilling again, don’t repeat the mistake. Remember, when drilling a well, you are paying by the foot. It’s in your best interest to be careful when drilling for water in the Maple Ridge & Whonnock area.

How to Increase the Chances of Drilling a Successful Well on a Rural Area Maple Ridge Property

Various factors can influence the success of finding water when drilling a well in Maple Ridge, including geological formations, local hydrogeology, and the depth of the water table.

When Selecting a Well Location, Consider the Following Factors:

  1. Aquifer Type and Depth: An aquifer is a layer of permeable rock or unconsolidated material that can extract groundwater beneath the surface, such as gravel, sand, and silt. Water can be found in various aquifers, including confined and unconfined aquifers.
  2. Water Table: This is the surface of the saturated ground where water fills all the pore spaces and varies in depth depending on the season and the area. 
  3. Recharge Areas: These are areas where water infiltrates the ground and replenishes the aquifer. Locating a well in or near a recharge area can increase the chances of finding water.
  4. Geological Formations: The local geology, including the types of rock and soil, can affect the ability of water to flow through the ground and collect in aquifers. Some formations are more conducive to water storage and movement than others.
  5. Topography: There is a correlation between the slope of the land and the movement of water in the subsurface, as well as the likelihood of wells being able to find water at lower elevations because the water flows downhill.
  6. Land Use and Pollution: The surrounding land use can affect water quality. Avoiding potential sources of contamination, such as septic systems, industrial sites or agricultural areas with high pesticide use, can help ensure a cleaner water supply.  
  7. Existing Wells: Observing the performance of nearby wells can provide valuable information about the local hydrogeology and help determine the likelihood of finding water in the area.

Water Wells & Building Permit Requirements in Maple Ridge

Water Well Setbacks for Maple Ridge – Whonnock

Horizontal setbacks for new water supply wells within British Columbia

To safeguard the quality and quantity of the groundwater resources in British Columbia, new water supply wells used to supply water domestic and non-domestic must be sited at least the following distances from existing features.

6 m (20 ft) from any private dwelling (Health Hazards Regulation);

15 m (50 ft) from an existing water supply well that is used or intended to be used (GWPR),


– the owner of the proposed well also owns the existing water supply well and only one well is proposed to be drilled, or

– it is not practicable to do so. In this case, a professional with competency in hydrogeology can prepare alternative specifications for the siting of the new well, so that the existing uses of the existing water supply well will not be adversely affected.

These alternative specifications must be submitted to and accepted by a BC Engineer

  • 30 m (100 ft) from a known or probable source of contamination (e.g., cesspool, privy vault, manure heap stable, pigsty) (Health Hazards Regulation)
  • 120 m (400 ft) from an existing cemetery or a dumping ground (e.g., landfill), unless contamination of the well would be impossible because of the physical conformation (Health Hazards Regulation)
  • 50 m (165 ft) from the shoreline of a saltwater body.
    Wells less than 500 m (1,650 ft) from the coastline are at risk of drawing in saltwater (see Best Practices for Prevention of Saltwater Intrusion).
Water Testing Requirements in Maple Ridge

Additional Costs of Drilling a Well in Maple Ridge

  • Submersible Well Pump Installation: The cost of installing a submersible well pump system in Maple Ridge will depend on well depth, power source (electricity or solar), desired flow rate, pump size, and materials. 
  • Detailed Well Drilling Estimates: Drilling estimates should also include the cost of installing the pump system when requested. Property owners often overlook the water pumping system until after drilling the well.

    The well pump costs and water system plan should be in place before drilling a well. So you can save money, design a better system and consider potential problems before drilling.
  • Water Testing: Water quality reports cost between $100 and $300.
    Health Link BC Water Testing
  • Water Treatment System: While water treatment systems range from $500 to thousands, a home water treatment system may be optional.

    The water quality report will determine the need for water treatment or disinfection. Well water quality varies greatly from one well to another in Maple Ridge.

    An acceptable water quality report for one property may differ completely for a neighboring well. Without a water quality report, water treatment systems are broad, and requirements are difficult to determine. A water treatment system should be designed based on demand, supply, and quality.
  • Water Storage Systems: Many Maple Ridge – Whonnock properties rely on water storage systems.
    Poorly producing water wells are often backed up by water storage tanks. Additionally, many Maple Ridge wells run dry in the summer, relying on water tanks to store bulk water.

    The way to save money on water tanks and re-pressurization systems is to drill wells that produce adequate water. Proper well siting alone would reduce the need for water storage tanks on rural properties.
Well Drilling Estimates

Maple Ridge Well Drilling Cost

Discover lasting water solutions in Maple Ridge with our expert water well drilling and reliable well repairs, tailored to meet your needs with peace of mind ensuring your home or business flows with sustainability and efficiency near you! Unlock the secret to affordable water well drilling – contact us today for a local well drilling cost estimate!

Expert Water Well Drilling: Comprehensive Repairs: Affordable Drilling Solutions for Your Water Requirements Serving Maple Ridge and Whonnock
Request the cost to drill a well or repairing a well estimates

Beyond the direct costs of drilling in Maple Ridge, you should also consider the following:

  • Water Well System Maintenance: Consider budgeting for annual maintenance costs of $100 – $500 to keep your water well system repaired. Put aside 100 dollars monthly to build a contingency fund. It will be greatly appreciated when a water system needs repairs, such as well pump repairs or pump replacement.
  • Increased Energy Costs – A water well pump can cause increased energy costs due to its continuous operation. Water well pumps require a consistent power supply to extract water from underground sources. Additionally, inefficient or outdated pumps may consume more energy to maintain water pressure and flow. Lastly, poorly maintained or damaged well pumps can increase electricity costs. Power costs increase because of leakage, increased friction, or the need for more frequent cycling.  
  • Repairing Water Wells: If a well experiences damage, repairing a well can cost a few hundred to thousands of dollars. Sometimes it is necessary to replace old water wells. Always protect your water well! Water wells are one of the most valuable assets on your property.
  • Property Value: A reliable water source can be a huge selling point for your property. The cost of drilling a well in Maple Ridge should be a serious consideration when purchasing land for sale.
Typical old shallow well system with water storage tank found in Maple Ridge nd Whonnock
Typical Old Shallow Well with Water Storage Tank in Maple Ridge

Rural Land for Sale in Maple Ridge or Whonnock

When purchasing land for sale in Maple Ridge, it’s not like purchasing an urban property. With a shallow well it may be hard to determine if the well does not run dry. Sometimes shallow well inspections will still not provide enough information.

Many property owners haul water throughout the summer or longer. Plenty of Maple Ridge properties have water storage tanks installed for this reason. It’s important to get full disclosure, inspections, and water quality reports for all water well systems in British Columbia.

When purchasing land for sale in Maple Ridge, Whonnock, offers should include a “subject to clause.” This clause provides the time required for a well inspection, pumping test, or water testing.

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A specialized realtor can be advantageous when dealing with Maple Ridge – Whonnock rural properties for sale. These realtors typically have more experience and expertise in the unique aspects of rural real estate, such as zoning regulations, agricultural considerations, land management, and local market trends.

They may also better understand property values, water rights, water wells, septic systems, water licensing and other key factors that may impact the transaction.

Working with a specialized rural realtor in Maple Ridge can offer several benefits:

  1. Knowledge of the Maple Ridge Market: Rural realtors often have a better grasp of the local rural property market and can help you sell or find the right property at a fair price.
  2. Understanding Rural Property Features: They can educate you on features unique to rural properties, such as water sources, septic systems, and land management practices.
  3. Access to a Network of Professionals: A rural realtor may have connections with other professionals who specialize in rural properties, such as lenders, inspectors, and contractors.
  4. Assistance with Maple Ridge Zoning and Regulatory Issues: Rural realtors can help navigate complex zoning and regulatory issues that may arise when buying or selling rural properties.
  5. Negotiation Skills: An experienced rural realtor may have better negotiation skills when dealing with unique situations that can arise in rural property transactions.

However, choosing a reputable and experienced rural realtor with a proven track record in the area where you’re looking to buy or sell is essential. Before selecting a realtor, conduct thorough research, read reviews, and ask for recommendations from friends, family, or colleagues.


Deciding whether to drill a well on your Maple Ridge property can be challenging. Understanding drilling costs will help you decide if it’s right for you. So remember to begin with a detailed estimate of the cost to drill a well in Maple Ridge.

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Water Testing

Ensure Your Family’s Safety: Well Water Testing is Affordable

The Essential Water Test Kit is perfect option for yearly water testing, certified lab testing that includes basic chemistry; heavy metals, nitrates and other inorganics; and coliform bacteria.

It’s often also a good idea to test for other local pollutant risks near your property—like contaminants from agriculture, industrial sites, and septic leakage.
Water Test Kits for Testing Your Well Water

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