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Water Testing

Ensure that your water is safe to drink.  Labworx simplifies water testing and provides  water test kits that cover heavy metals, disease causing microbiology, lead & arsenic and much more. Labworx provides water test kits for private water wells, city water testing, well water testing for real estate transactions.  Learn more about the Labworx water testing designed to water testing easy, a system that takes pleasure in people’s water testing needs.

Water test kits for home and business to ensure your water safety

Revolutionary Water Test Kit: The Ultimate Solution for Ensuring Safe and Clean Drinking Water at Home in Minutes

Test your drinking water with an easy-to-use home water test kit! The ultimate solution to monitoring water quality and safety in minutes.

Test Lead in Water Guide for USA

How to Test Lead in Water 2024 Guide

A complete 2023 Guide to Test Lead in Water in the USA provides tips to reduce lead exposure - information to test your home water for lead.

BC Land for Sale – Water Well Advice for Rural Area Properties

BC Land for Sale - Water Well advice for British Columbia rural area real estate including ranches, farms, rural properties, recreational...

Test for Lead in Drinking Water in British Columbia

Lead in Drinking Water Guidelines for British Columbia FAQ

How to test your drinking water for lead. Exposure to lead in drinking water can cause adverse health effects, lead can reach toxic levels...